What I Can Do for You as Your Digital Marketer

Three months from now, I’ll be graduating from college with a BA in Marketing. What differentiates me from many of my peers searching for jobs in the marketing field? During my time in school, I’ve tried my best to take a proactive approach to learning digital marketing tactics and skills. Ever heard of a full stack marketer? Well, my goal is to become one. And I’d like to think I’m getting there, especially when it comes to digital.

I started out my digital marketing class at the beginning of this quarter with several goals for myself: get a better grasp of data analytics, learn basic coding skills, and get some hands-on experience with some of the stuff I’ll be interacting with out in the “real world”. Guess what? I fulfilled those goals.

Two days ago I passed the Google Analytics IQ exam. If you handed me data from Google Analytics, I’d be able to turn it into information relevant to your business objectives. Thanks to Moz, I truly understand SEO and link building, and now know why it’s so important to combine an effective SEO strategy with PPC- SEM is a personal favorite of mine, and I hope to turn it into a career. I’m studying how to attract more visitors with Google AdWords, and soon will be certified for that as well (hopefully by next week!). I can show you how to combine a great AdWords ad with the right landing page, and can A/B test both those things. But my skillset isn’t just limited to Google-y-ness.

Thanks to Hubspot, I know how to use inbound marketing tactics to convert visitors into customers (with low acquisition costs), and am actually certified on the subject. I’m also Hootsuite certified, and can combine that certification with awesome relationship-building and content-posting skills for various social media sites. And boy, do I get content. I’ve discovered it’s one of the underlying themes of marketing: regardless of the medium, you always should strive to deliver the right content to the right audience. Whether you want to get into the controversial world of native advertising (of which I’m a fan), or just post on Twitter, I can help you figure out what kind of content you should deliver to your audience. And I know for a fact this is the year of mobile marketing. Aside from all this, I reached my big goal of learning some coding fundamentals via Codecademy – I’ve made my way through HTML and CSS, and am currently working for Javascript. If anyone has recommendations for where to learn SQL, please share!

Three months ago my understanding of digital marketing was minimal, and now I feel confident to join other marketers in the professional world with a skill set many of my peers don’t possess. I’ve become very passionate about digital marketing, and my curiosity for it seems never ending. I’m excited to live in this digital age, and love learning about things that could potentially change the way our world works – things from wetware computing to the latest Apple launch (someone please give me a job so I can buy one of the new MacBooks). I’ve learned a lot this quarter, and will continue to keep working to become a full stack marketer. I believe I have the communicative and digital skills for it; next quarter I’ll be taking the final steps in learning the fundamentals before entering the professional world.

I should point out that these aren’t my only skills and interests: outside of digital, I love writing copy and creative projects, and also love exploring various creative outlets in my free time. Here’s my LinkedIn for more information: http://www.linkedin.com/in/elizabethyanak93

Over the past ten weeks, I’ve written a little over 13,000 words for this blog and gotten over 300 views. Both these numbers are higher than I was expecting, and I plan on still posting here every once and awhile to babble about new trends in the world of digital marketing. Thanks for reading, folks.


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